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Greetings fellow Schneiderman (or at least a Schneiderman "wanna be")! This website is here to tell us about the Schneiderman name and about the people who carried this name through the ages - famous ones, not such famous ones and even the infamous ones.

This site is more than just about history. It will also give us a chance to learn about present day Schneidermans. May be get to know each other, find common interests, discover long lost relatives or simply chat.

This is a communal site, which means that it will flourish only through everyone's participation. So, please go ahead, register, read and contribute stories or just hang around!

Map of Schneidermans

How to add your location to the map

You need to be a registered user. As part of your registration process we ask you for your geographic location (street, city, country). Unfortunately, the feature that will map that info to a tick on the map is still under development. In the meantime, you can use the following, admittedly not the most user friendly steps: after logging in, go to My Login -> Preferences in the menu that you see in the left column. There you will see a place where Longitude and Latitude of your location could be entered. Use a handy "Google Map Locator" link to determine and fill up those entries.

What you can do on this website

Take a look on the left side of the website. You can see the following menus:

  • "Encyclopedia of Schneidermans" - this is where you can learn about all things Schneiderman - history, people and such
  • "Connect with Schneidermans" - this is where you can join in many different ways into a happy world wide family of Schneidermans.

Let's take a look at each of these in more details...

Encyclopedia of Schneidermans

If you want to learn about the origins of the name - then start at "About the name".

Next stop in the Encyclopedia should be to learn about different Schneidermans who achieved fame in one way or another, by going to "Who shares this name"

In "Things and Toys" you can check out some fun things related to Schneiderman name

Once you have read above initial articles, you can browse through the overall encyclopedia's Table of Contents

Last, but the most important part is "Write an article" - where you can contribute to the encyclopedia. In order to contribute - you have to register (absolutely free) and login.

Connect with Schneidermans

The best thing to do with this section of the website is to experiment. Chat with fellow Schneidermans in Forums. Create your own diaries on the Blogs or share some important News.

Check out Yellow Pages for the listing of Schneiderman-owned businesses and White Pages for the personal contacts.

Last, but not least - see how Schneidermans are spread out all over the world on the Map of Schneidermans.


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